Ritual © W. Scott Grant July 19, 1994 8:00 pm Colored flashing lights Loud music Pulsating rhythm Dancing Partners ever changing Senses dulled Altered minds Sexual desire Trapped Advertisements

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A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words © W. Scott Grant November 8, 1994 10:40 pm A picture is worth a thousand words A poem draws a picture in the mind It is not an endless stream of drivel It is not a means to reveal immature lust It is passion It is feeling It is artwork It is […]

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So Many Ways to Love You

So Many Ways to Love You © W. Scott Grant December 1, 1984 I love each and every part of you I love your legs I love your arms I love your whole body. I love each and every way of you I love you when you’re happy I love you when you’re sad I […]

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Reading at Night

Reading at Night © W. Scott Grant October 19, 1994 7:55 pm Before I go to sleep I like to read Sometimes I read for hours and hours and hours When the book is good A glance at the clock reminds me I must get up in in the morning But other times after a […]

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