Through a Cat’s Eyes – 1.2

I make no promises and no guarantees. A month in with this blog and I have yet to gain any readers, followers, or views (outside of my own). Well, I’m not spending much effort advertising and promoting, so it’s no real surprise. Anyway, on with the story…   Spring Planting, Hunter’s Day 20, year of […]

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Through a Cat’s Eyes – 1.1

I don’t know if I’ll keep up with this and follow through, but it’s an idea I want to try. In my D&D setting, there is an NPC character who will likely be an integral part of the overall adventure, even though the players are currently unaware of her importance.  What I’d like to do […]

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3-Dragon Ante?

Three articles in one day? Absurd! Slow day at work. So far, I’ve had two tasks that each took less than 10 minutes and I attended a phone-in meeting that lasted about 15 minutes. Shh… Don’t tell the boss. The theme of three kind of segues into the focus of this article, the 3-Dragon Ante […]

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A Paradox of Desire

We have a curse! Thousands of years ago, the wand was “created.” Now for me, I had to figure out what was going on and how it affected everyone. By this time (during the course of developing this setting history) the first D&D group had started. Characters were created, backstories were proposed, and the first […]

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The title has nothing to do with this posting. A co-worker named George just happened to walk by as I was trying to think of a title for this. In actuality, this is a continuation of the last post. I had this concept of a great curse germinating in my brain. Something to do with […]

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The Great Curse

Admittedly, I’m jumping around a bit. After establishing the 12 witches and doing some development with them, including creating character sheets and writing backstories, based on their songs, I felt there was something lacking. I’m going to jump-shift just a bit on an odd tangent. Several years ago I ran a Savage Worlds campaign with […]

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