3-Dragon Ante?

Three articles in one day? Absurd! Slow day at work. So far, I’ve had two tasks that each took less than 10 minutes and I attended a phone-in meeting that lasted about 15 minutes. Shh… Don’t tell the boss. The theme of three kind of segues into the focus of this article, the 3-Dragon Ante […]

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A Paradox of Desire

We have a curse! Thousands of years ago, the wand was “created.” Now for me, I had to figure out what was going on and how it affected everyone. By this time (during the course of developing this setting history) the first D&D group had started. Characters were created, backstories were proposed, and the first […]

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The title has nothing to do with this posting. A co-worker named George just happened to walk by as I was trying to think of a title for this. In actuality, this is a continuation of the last post. I had this concept of a great curse germinating in my brain. Something to do with […]

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The Great Curse

Admittedly, I’m jumping around a bit. After establishing the 12 witches and doing some development with them, including creating character sheets and writing backstories, based on their songs, I felt there was something lacking. I’m going to jump-shift just a bit on an odd tangent. Several years ago I ran a Savage Worlds campaign with […]

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