Z’Nt’Sh; The Trails of the Tabaxi

Unique, homebrew character class for Tabaxi characters in the Neuith setting Author’s Note This is an untested homebrew character class designed specifically for my Neuith setting, especially for my (NPC) character, Kabize Vipertree. If I ever get a chance to properly playtest this character class, I’ll post it on D&D Wiki. Introduction In Neuith, all […]

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Sligo Utilities

  Data. Lots of data. Back “in the day,” Judges Guild published an awesome resource book: Treasury of Archaic Names (1978). I still have a copy! In it you find all kinds of name lists – males, females, place names, tavern names, nicknames, titles, prefix+suffix generators, and so on. What a great book! Need a […]

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