Through a Cat’s Eyes – 5.5

Summer Growing, Shader’s Day 5, Year of the Lion number 427; July 24, 1738 Agathon

I have simply been too tired to write. I wanted to share in this journal after the first night’s performances. When I got to my room, I passed out cold on the soft bed, and when I awoke the next day, the sun was already high in the sky, and we had to prepare for the next performance.

Last night, it was standing room only. Alani and I only made a few tweaks, but many of the faces in the crowd were the as the night before. I don’t quite understand why someone would want to see the same show two or more times, but regardless, their coin was accepted.

It’s hard to believe how much energy this takes. The Tabaxi Trail of the Dance was never intended to be a performance art. It is supposed to teach its disciples how to control their bodies with their minds. While this is certainly part of the performance, playing to the crowd and responding to their reactions and emotion was never part of the training.

Lena finished counting the money we brought in. Half the money went to the tavern that hosted us, and when the innkeeper received his portion, he not only extended the invitation for us to return any time we wanted, but gave us our rooms and meals for free. Lena split the rest four ways. One portion she gave to me, one she gave to Alani, one she kept for herself and the caravan. The final portion she took to one of the temples in the village that had a small orphanage.

By late afternoon, we were on the road. I know she would have preferred an early start, but not everything goes quite as planned. Alani allowed me a break from rehearsal today, so I spent most of the afternoon riding on the front of the wagon with the teamster, Harlow Fearsy. His story is as interesting as Dyfar and Gwenore’s, and I look forward to retelling it.

There’s so much more I want to write about tonight, but Lena wants us to get to bed and to sleep early. We’ll be moving again when the sun rises. The next village is four days away, but Lena thinks we can make it in three if the weather holds out.


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[Author’s note: I know my blog is new, and I haven’t done much to promote it. As of this writing, this is post #28, and according to the statistics page, I’ve had exactly 28 visitors. And today is the 28th of July. I’m not into coincidences, and I don’t ascribe superstitious power to them. I do, however, tend to notice them when they occur. Such is the way my mind works. If you’ve gotten this far, and have read Kabize’s story through this point, it’s my hope that you’ll keep on reading. I’ve received exactly zero comments, so I have no idea if people are enjoying this. I harbor no delusion that success will come, handed to me on a silver platter. I have no expectation this blog will ever become more than a trivial diversion for a few people that will want to read and follow this story. Perhaps, one day, some stranger will come to me and ask me for my autograph. It happened once in my life. Maybe, just maybe, it will happen again. Is there any more than that I can ask?]


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