GenCon 50 – My Experiences

If you want to see great pictures of events, cosplay, and people playing games, find someone else’s post. I didn’t meet any well-known media/movie/TV celebrities. I didn’t play a lot of new games. I didn’t come home after spending a half-a-year’s salary on new games. I’m just a guy who enjoys going to GenCon, the […]

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Millions of Followers

I wish. If I had millions of followers hanging on my every word, not only would I be rolling in Patreon cash, but I’d be in high demand for seminars, panels and workshops at conventions. Since none of that is the case, I’m stuck attending events and paying my way in like most of the […]

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Four Days of GenCon

I listen to and enjoy all kinds of music. Sometimes my creativity gets the better of me and I come up with alternate lyrics for a song. There have been many over the years, but this is the newest:   Four Days of GenCon (Parody Lyrics by W. Scott Grant, to the tune Four Walls […]

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