Through a Cat’s Eyes – 6.2

Summer Growing, Shader’s Day 12, Year of the Lion number 427; July 31, 1738 Agathon

Tomorrow morning we move on, and we won’t stop until we reach Wailee. The weather has been decent, though hot, and the performances have been fantastic. Every show has been sold out and we’ve made more gold than… than… I knew existed. I have no idea what to do with my share. It’s easy to spend it on fun things, like unusual food, jewelry, or for pampering at the spa. But those things are temporary.

And I notice how each day, Lena takes a portion to some organization that helps others. The orphanage, a group that helps the field workers, a school teaching children how to read and write. What inspires me more is that Lena doesn’t brag about it. Her charity is private. She doesn’t use it to enhance her own reputation or recognition.

I asked Lena to give some of my earnings, but she declined. “You must find your passion and use your money to feed it. While I appreciate your offer, these things I do are to appease my demons and to atone for my sins. Do not let my guilt overshadow your faith.”

I asked her what she was talking about, but she refused to answer. It’s possible I’ll never know. She is like a gemstone with many facets. While she’s been my patron, she harbors secrets that must haunt her beyond reckoning.

For now, however, I’ll watch and observe, and do my best to record everything in this journal. Perhaps someday someone will read this and will know the truth.


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