Through a Cat’s Eyes – 7.1

Summer Growing, Shader’s Day 16, Year of the Lion number 427; August 4, 1738 Agathon

We stood on the balcony of the inn as the funeral procession went by. The horse-drawn wagon carried the king along a winding route through the city toward the cemetery behind the grand temple near the eastern wall. The next carriage bore the prince and princess. Seeing them next to each other made me think of the sun and the moon, but not in the classic sense; while the sun brought light and life to the daytime, prolonged exposure burned. And it was at night, like right now, under the light of the moon, that I write most of my journal entries.

More carriages followed. Nobles, servants, loyal followers and friends. The people lining the streets stood in silence. I could hear weeping, but I could also hear the seabirds squawking and the waves crashing on the shore.

It seemed to take hours. I had questions I wanted to ask, but I held my tongue. At one point, Alani put a hand on my tail. Its twitching betrayed my own thoughts as it often does.

When the procession was finally gone, the people silently left the streets and returned to their quiet lives. I’m a stranger in this land. I’m looking at things from the outside. I fail to understand the intricacies and intrigues of politics and nobility. In my land, the oldest, wisest, and most respected among us takes the role of leadership. Family lines and pedigree are not considered. Often those that try to use those as arguments are shunned and ignored. Prove your worth on the hunt or with your negotiation skills. It is the way of nature, and it works.

I wanted to get another look at the dragon card Prince Ikenare carried. But alas, Lena decided that we’re hitting the road in the morning. With the official period of mourning lasting another five days, the markets will be closed, and it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to perform. The few shops that stayed open were only open out of necessity. Their prices were elevated, so Lena only procured what was absolutely necessary. We’ll be able to forage on the road as we head north toward Portville, Rausala.


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