Through a Cat’s Eyes – 10.3

Autumn Harvest, Preserver’s Day 3, Year of the Lion number 427; November 1, 1738 Agathon

Yesterday we arrived. As we approached the small, volcanic island in the middle of the Raubian Sea, we, or at least I, noticed the prevalent odor of brimstone. There’s also a thin, sparkly mist.

As we approached, we stayed on guard. All hands were at their battle stations and we prepared for the worst. Even Xyrlina was on the bridge with the captain. I was on watch in the crows nest. The island was clearly visible in the midday sunshine as we approached from the south. A thin plume of smoke rose from the highest point of the cone-shaped mountain, though we were too far away to make out any further details.

Per the elf’s instructions, we circled around to the west side of the island. About three hundred yards off shore, we dropped our anchor. The odor was strong, and I noticed that the jewelry worn by most of the crew, and especially our passenger, sparkled with an inner shine. It was odd – I didn’t understand it.

Mak sent Dagmar up to relieve me. I climbed down as the men lowered the sails. Men were also in the process of lowering one of the longboats. “Kabize, you’ll be in charge here while Captain and I escort Xyrlina to shore. I don’t know how long we’ll be, but I don’t expect to be there more than a day or so.” I nodded and looked toward the dock. I could barely see three men standing there waiting. All three were shirtless and wore trousers that were loose and flowing. Near them, on the shore, was the wreck of a large ship. To describe it as a wreck is misleading. More like the skeletal remains of a great war galleon. There was no way to tell how old it was from here.

Once the longboat was in the water, Captain Silverkeep, First mate Vashiga, Xyrlina, and two other crewmen climbed down. The crewmen took the oars and they made their way to the island.

“Orders?” one of the crewman asked me.

Uhm. “Stay on watch, but stand down from full alert status for now. Keep at least one man on each of the ballista, and keep them loaded. I’ll stay on the bridge. I want to know immediately if anyone sees or hears anything out of the ordinary.”

And there we waited. And waited.

While I look forward to a life of adventure, my position, rank, and responsibility dictates that I stay here on the ship. And wait. Here it is, a day and a half later, and nothing. It is late afternoon, and I’m on the bridge. I’ve gotten used to the pervasive odor and the opalescent mist.


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