Through a Cat’s Eyes – 13.2

Winter Sleeping, Chasers’s Day 19, Year of the Lion number 427; January 16, 1739 Agathon; Linne 182 Three days. In the early morning hours after I arrived in Burmore, the snow came. And came. And came. It snowed continuously for a full day, covering everything deeper than my knees. The wind blew ice cold and […]

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Scott’s Poetry – 10/31/17

My one and only Halloween poem. Happy Halloween!   Haunting © W. Scott Grant October 30, 1999 2:30 pm Why do they run when I ask for help? Please, someone, I want to go home. My voice is but a hollow whisper Along dark halls, I silently roam. As you gather ‘round the dinner table […]

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Scott’s Poetry – 10/30/17

The comments from last weekend inspired me to post these two little “snarky” gems. I hope you enjoy them!   False Prophet © W. Scott Grant February 4, 1996 12:35 pm Do as I say, not as I do I’m self-appointed, I’m better than you Bow at my feet, kiss my ring Lie down before […]

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Scott’s Poetry – 10/29/17

Every year, the Indiana Poets Society runs a contest with 25 (or so) categories. Each category is sponsored either by a local group, an individual, or, for the top few prizes, the entire association. For three years, Brenda and I were judges representing the Indianapolis Chapter when we were active members. We had to withdraw […]

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The Windows of My Soul: #50, #51

These two poems give us a glimpse into Brenda’s relationship with God and her vision of the afterlife and heaven.   The Healer (#50) © Brenda February 22, 1972 Close my eyes in sleep Deep, peaceful, and revealing That I may drink a drought From Your cup of eternal healing. While my body slumbers My […]

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Scott’s Poetry – 10/28/17

I only post one poem today, but it sets us up for a very long post tomorrow. Contest Loser © W. Scott Grant May 24, 1999 8:25 pm It lost the contest for a reason Save it for another season One judge thought it worse Than someone else’s verse So why must you inflict it […]

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The Windows of My Soul: #48, #49

We’ve all heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Brenda used to tell me that “Philosophy is saying as little as possible with as many words as possible. Poetry is the art of saying as much as possible with as few words as possible.” These poems exemplify this sentiment, especially Karma (#49). […]

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Scott’s Poetry – 10/27/17

Brenda’s poems are all serious. Some are dark and some are spiritual. That’s fine. But today is Friday, so for me, I want to post some fun poems. Like them or not, I don’t care. I had fun writing them.   Paint By Numbers Poem © W. Scott Grant October 24, 1998 7:35 pm My […]

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