The Source


The Source (Villanelle Form)
© W. Scott Grant
10/25/1997 9:00 am

I went to the market one day
To buy some new words to write
But Inspiration got in the way

A lovely morning in early May
The sun rising, shining bright
I went to the market one day

The bazaar opens early by the bay
The drive was easy, the traffic light
But Inspiration got in the way

Drawn to the park, I wanted to stay
A peaceful moment, the end of night
I went to the market one day

Why I never got there, I cannot say
I almost made it to the site
But Inspiration got in the way

I went back home, I knelt to pray
I cannot buy new words to write!
I went to the market one day
But Inspiration got in the way.


5 thoughts on “The Source

    1. This poem is part of a collection of poems written between 1995 and 2001. During this time, I was active (with Brenda) in a local poetry club and we attended a couple state conventions. As board members of our local branch, we were asked to judge a category in the annual state contest a couple years.

      Participating in this led me to write a lot of poetry, but as Brenda’s health deteriorated, eventually landing her in a nursing home for about 20 months, my poems became very emotional. It will be difficult for me to retype some of them because they bring back those long-buried memories. Just flipping through the journal evokes those feelings.

      There’s an older volume somewhere buried in my house containing the poetry I wrote from 1984 (when Brenda and I first met) through the early 90s. These poems are more lighthearted.

      Since my current wife and I married, I haven’t written very much poetry at all. There are a few bits here and there, not counting song parodies, which are their own sub-category. If I find any of them, I’ll be sure to share them as well.

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  1. A lovely villanelle, Scott. If only we could buy words, we’d never get writer’s block. But those darned Muses want what they want. Sometimes a poem will go sideways, and not end the way I planned. Or the Muses will refuse to follow the prompt chosen by my writing group–last time, it was “sports” and I ended up bringing a poem about snoring. You might want to add a “search box” on your home page, it will make it easier to find things as the site grows. It sounds like you and Brenda really connected through poetry; it’s always painful to lose such a special friend. Did you live on the coast back then? The words bay, park, and bazaar conjured up images of San Francisco. 🙂


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