The Windows of My Soul: Christmas Tree (#7), Christmas Bells (#8)

Christmas was always Brenda’s favorite time of year. More than just the opportunity for family to gather and celebrate, she truly believed the underlying meanings behind the birth and life of Jesus. This shows through in her poetry. For many years, she and I would write a new poem for Christmas that we sent to family and friends, instead of generic, store-bought cards.

We always decorated our house with lights, a live tree, and abundant decorations. I wish I could share pictures from some of those years we spent together, but I have no idea what happened to them – it was long before the “digital age.”

Anyway, please enjoy these two poems from Brenda’s teenage years.

Christmas Tree (#7)
© Brenda

The Christmas tree is all aglow
standing proud and tall.
It seems to know its mission
so special to us all.

The presents are piled high
some for you and me.
Our love is standing there
for all the world to see.

(Christmas 1958)

Christmas Bells (#8)
© Brenda

A small figure in a long black coat
On a cold and star bright night
Awaits the bus on a downtown street
Laden with parcels of delight
For little sisters and wonderful brother
To open on Christmas Eve night.

Hemmed in by purple, large and small
Anticipating their joy in giving
Good natured talking and laughing
In the air is the sound of singing
Through the bustle of the night, Listen!
You can hear the Christmas bells ringing.

(Christmas 1959)


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