The Windows of My Soul: God’s Amazing World (#9), Male and Female (#10)

These are the last two poems from her “childhood” years. Unfortunately, I don’t know the context or inspiration for either of them.

God’s Amazing World (#9)
© Brenda

I wake up at the break of day
and gaze about and see
the sunbeams dancing in my room
on wall, on bed, on me.
I walk about in summer light
admire the sky above
I feel God’s blessing on my head
and in my heart His love.

At harvest time I see the moon
so elegant and proud
go floating in the tented sky
and gossip with a cloud.

All these rare beauties that I see
are from my God and free.


Male and Female (#10)
© Brenda

The male stands back surveying
                his work
With a cool and critical eye
“Big Man” is he, none could be
He groans at a female sigh.

But listen to me, big “little man”
And never smirk in fun
Your mother a great female is
From her you should never run.
Females are warm with love and life
From her toil she will never cease
From dawn to dawn her work goes on
You, my man, are her masterpiece.


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