Consequence (#1, #2, and #3)

Here are three gems I wrote during a poetry convention. I’m struggling a bit! For Brenda’s poetry, I’m posting it in chronological order, so there’s no thought involved. However, for me, I’m skipping all around posting what feels right for the day, and what I’m comfortable posting. I’m encouraged by the views, likes, and the slowly growing list of followers (I’m up to ten as of about 30 minutes ago!) But I’m still not getting comments. I’ve gotten a couple, but I’d really like to see your feedback and thoughts. It’s not that I’m likely to go back and change anything, rather, I’m curious what you think. Do these poems connect to you in some way, and if so, how? Do they make you feel uncomfortable? Is there something about them you either like or hate?


Consequence #1
The consequence of being late, SF theme
© W. Scott Grant
October 13, 1995 11:20 pm
Edited January 1, 2002 7:10 pm

You’re late again, the Captain said
As chief gunner took his place
Battle stations, condition RED –
Attacking ships from outer space

Arm the weapons, take careful aim
Shields failing, we’re taking hits
If we die, you’re to blame
All your shots have missed

Engine core breach, they’re gonna blow
Escape now, else you won’t survive
If only you hadn’t been so slow
We’d still be alive.


Consequence #2
The consequence of being late, fantasy theme
© W. Scott Grant
October 13, 1995 7:45 pm
Edited January 1, 2002, 7:20 pm

The wizard spread his hands and spoke the words
He knew the spell by memory
He closed his eyes and pictured the place
The great hall beside the gallery.

He felt the power swell around him
The energy of his magic
Infusing, the power sparkled
Popping and crackling like static.

With a wrench, a twist, and a whooshing sound
A puff of smoke filled the space
He opened his eyes, the scene had changed
I was in a different place.

The king looked over impatiently, and said
To his powerful court mage
“What took you so long to get here?
We’ve been waiting for an age!”


Consequence #3
The consequence of being late, horror theme
© W. Scott Grant
October 13, 1995 11:00 pm

The full moon shone bright in the cloudless night
As the wind howled in the trees
The hunched little man hurried across the land
His cloak tight against the breeze.

The bells tolled midnight as he passed the gaslight
He scampered along the flagstone lane
A gleam in his eye, he held the axe high
As he approached the hapless dame.

She turned to face him, with eyeless, toothless grin
The she-zombie grabbed him by the throat
He screamed in terror, realizing his error
Too late – he became her sacrificial goat.

2 thoughts on “Consequence (#1, #2, and #3)

  1. I came here by invitation, for rhyme, and you did not disappoint. I particularly enjoyed #3 which has general rhyme (abcb, etc), embedded in-line rhyme, and obliques. God, I love obliques. I enjoyed the sensory detail of #2, the puffs of smoke and the popping and crackling and whooshing. You’re off to a great start, Scott. To get more serious readers and feedback, seek out, follow, and comment on other people’s poetry blogs. No man is an island, especially on WP. Best to you! Just Joan

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Joan! Great start? I wrote these poems over 20 years ago!!! But yeah, I’m new to WP, and have been enjoying my experience. I have a couple seemingly loyal followers keeping up with Kabize Vipertree, but since I started with the poetry, my numbers have exploded. Today’s the 12th and I’ve already exceeded my previously monthly high number of views. It’s not that I expect to be as well read as the Wall Street Journal or anything, but hey, I can dream, right? Feel free to check out the other posted poems on this blog – not just mine, but those of my first wife, Brenda. She and I have a distinctly different style, but over time, I’m sure someone astute will see her influence on me (and perhaps my influence on her when we get to her later poetry.)


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