The Windows of My Soul: Someday (#13), Something Above Love (#14), False Friendship (#15)

Someday (#13)
© Brenda

Someday in the future
Forever far away
Will you love me still
When my hair has turned to gray?

Someday in the future
In an age of robot men
When science will make blessings
Will you love me then?

When food comes in little pills
And toil is lost in ancient mist
Someday in the future
Will our love still exist?



Something Above Love (#14)
© Brenda

For my Grandfather
John Henry Hopper
March 2, 1882
November 15, 1961

A little man
Wiry and bright
Young as us all
A guiding light

God took him today
Home to His heart
God took him away
We had to part.

A little man
He loved us all
A cheery smile
He was my Grandpa.

November 15, 1961


False Friendship (#15)
© Brenda

A little nut fell to the ground
From a lofty, old oak tree
Its head was crush beneath a heal
That little nut was me.

Spring 1963

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