The Voyager

A poem I read elsewhere here on WordPress reminded me of this one, so I thought I’d go ahead and post it:


The Voyager
© W. Scott Grant
October 19, 1999 10:00 pm

A ray of hope, a glimmer of light
A robot ship sent forth from Earth
An Emissary, a message, a plea for help
To an alien world, far, far, away…

A journey decades long, alone in a sea of black
The computer brain sends back telemetry
Monitored by a devout crew, isolated, protected
Amidst worldly chaos, confusion and terror

Finally, the voyager reaches its destination
Its message read by aliens unknown
They understand our desperation
They send us a reply…

Generations gone, the mission almost forgotten
One lonely person. Old, sterile, alone.
Listening, for there is nothing left to do
Receives the message from the aliens far away

The answer. The solution – clear, simple, and easy
But as he looks out his broken window
At the radioactive desolation that remains
Too late, he cries. Too late.

2 thoughts on “The Voyager

  1. Nice, Scott! I like this: “One lonely person. Old, sterile, alone. / Listening, for there is nothing left to do.” It’s too bad we don’t listen NOW, while there still IS something we could do. 🙂 The scenario reminded me of a Haiku I wrote a few weeks after Trump’s inauguration:

    Wait and see, they said
    Waited too long to impeach
    Saw the world go boom


  2. My personal belief is that if Hilary was elected, the chances of the world going boom was much greater than Trump. But I’d rather not get into a political discussion. Anyway, I like the haiku, even though I’m not really a fan of the form. Thanks for the feedback!


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