The Windows of My Soul: The Shimmerings of Truth (#16), A Wife’s Lament (#17)

These two were written shortly after the birth of her third child.


The Shimmerings of Truth (#16)
© Brenda

The softness of a newborn babe
Rose petals drenched with dew
The joy of a radiant bride
And my love, my love for you.

A treasure and a gift
Tenderness held in time
A look, a touch, a smile
Held gentle in my mind

August 2, 1963


A Wife’s Lament (#17)
© Brenda

A woman I am
God made me no other way
To love, to cry, to laugh
As I live from day to day

A husband I should have
Shoulders broad and strong
But when I need you most
I find that you are gone.

Shoulders made of jelly
Ice water in your veins
Nuts, bolts, pins for joints
No heart, just a brain.

Cold, hard, stubborn
Dense and thick of head
And I must try to comprehend
Until the day I’m dead.

August 7, 1963

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