Peaceful Arguments

It was inevitable. I’m posting old poetry and reading poetry from others. This inspires me to write new poems. I just finished this – it’s the first poem I’ve written in several years (that’s not a song parody). I hope you enjoy it!


Peaceful Arguments
(c) W. Scott Grant
3:25 pm 10/16/17

I cannot hear you when you shout;
Your rantings will not change me.
I respect your right to your opinion,
Even though you and I must disagree.

Spend your energy, say what you must
You insist you follow a wiser voice.
I may live in isolated ignorance
But this is by my considered choice.

My conclusions aren’t by accident,
Do not ask me why I believe as I do.
Life experiences, lifetime consideration,
In this, I am no different than you.

We probably want the same thing.
But we argue about the path we should take.
This world doesn’t need us to agree;
Things aren’t fixed by the arguments we make.

Actions and decisions, paying our dues;
Our myriad voices get lost in the crowd.
There is only one measure that really counts,
Does the life you live make you proud?



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