The Windows of My Soul: Awe (#20), My Life and My Soul (#21), Babysitter for God (#22)

Awe (#20)
© Brenda

Alas, this time has come
I wait it filled with dread
As peering over the edge of Hell
One fears of falling.

At last! this time has come
This time, eagerly awaited
My spirit, like a restless eagle, soars
With ecstasy, I am whole.

April 5, 1969


My Life and My Soul (#21)
© Brenda

My life and my soul
Sometimes good
Sometimes bad
Always whole

November 16, 1970


Babysitter for God (#22)
© Brenda

To be a Mother, oh my Lord
To count each tiny finger and toe
To watch a small face light up in smile
To feel their little arms around me
To know, oh Lord, they love me.

To watch them grow, to watch them take
That first step on life’s long road
To see them learn, and know, oh Lord
They are mine to watch and guide
To hold and love, and know I’m blessed.

November 22, 1970

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