I’m Fine, If Only You Knew, and Leave Me Alone to My Tears

Here are some more poems written during that difficult time in my life. (I have yet to figure out why copy-paste works fine for some poems but not for others. *sigh* )


I’m Fine
© W. Scott Grant
August 10, 2000 10:45 pm

You ask me how I’m doing today
Well, I’ll tell you:
     I’m frustrated, confused, and tired 
     The love of my life is lying in a bed 
     Her life slowly draining away 
     Sure, my bills are caught up 
     And I have no debt, besides 
     The Car, The House 
     And The Medical Bills 
     The Insurance Company won’t pay (creatively)
I stay busy at work, with no motivation
My life’s become an endless cycle
A rut routine with no end in sight.

Oh yeah. The damned cat won’t shut up.

So, yeah. I’m fine. Thanks for asking.
How about you?


If Only You Knew
© W. Scott Grant 
August 13, 2000 11:30 pm

Is it dangerous to hide feelings?
What is the therapy for fear?
Is there a pill for loneliness?
No one to talk to but a page of paper.

Some days I want these lines
To be read by others
So they may understand how I feel
Each moment, each day.

No one to share my intimate thoughts
No one to help me deal with life
No one to break this endless cycle
No shoulder to cry on

A gentle music serenades the darkness
The only breathing is my own
The phone is always in reach
I hope it doesn’t ring

These words make no sense
Ramblings on a page
Psycho-schizoid-paranoid musings?
If only you knew.

     If only you knew.


Leave Me Alone to My Tears
© W. Scott Grant
August 30, 2000 9:50 pm

If you find me crying
Pay no mind, pass me by
Leave me alone to my tears
Don’t bother asking why.

I want no sympathy
It’s just been a very bad day
I know you really don’t care
So just go on your way.

You say you just want to help
But charity begins at home
You’ve got your own family
So be gone, and leave me alone.

You think maybe I’m depressed
Withdrawn into a shell
Believe me when I tell you, then
You want nothing to do with my hell.

So turn around and walk away
I don’t want you in my sight
Leave me alone to my tears
Let me cope with my endless night.




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