The Windows of My Soul: Perhaps (#25), The Essence (#26), The Windowpanes of Us (#27)

Three more poems written in the time frame. Was she being prophetic? We met in 1984, over 13 years later. I know “mysticly” is spelled wrong. I determined to keep it spelled as she did. It’s either evidence she wasn’t perfect, or perhaps it was intentional. No way to know for sure.

Perhaps (#25)
© Brenda

Whenever I dream, my thoughts reveal
A free and graceful woman.

A woman by God’s choice.

Loved by my soulmate,

Perhaps in another time.
Perhaps in another place.

January 28, 1971

The Essence (#26)
© Brenda

We are two people
Separated by ties 
     To spouses 
          and children 
               and life.

Some people think
it is wrong 
     To love someone 
               one’s spouse.

But if God is love
As we are told 
     Where is 
          the wrong 
               in loving?

January 29, 1971

The Windowpanes of Us (#27)
© Brenda

When I sense you there
Standing close beside me

The glory of me reaches out
To the glory that is in you

Even in a crowded room
Where anyone might see

You touch me with your warmth
I respond instantly

Soul meets soul, heedless
Of those who just might see

We touch each other mysticly
And we touch eternity.

January 29, 1971

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