My Soul is Your Soul

Today’s treat comes from the oldest poem I wrote, that I know about. Hold on – I need to come clean. I wrote some poems for English class sometime in middle school, written in a hand-made book and turned in for a grade. My brother drew a picture of a bee and a flower exactly as I wanted – faded, light, and almost translucent. I remember none of the poems written within the book. My only memory of this is what the teacher wrote (in pen) on the cover: “too light.”

Perhaps this little volume exists somewhere in a box in my parent’s house. After they die, my brother and I will dig through their possessions to determine what to do with them, and if we find this, I’ll set it aside. Fortunately, my parents aren’t the same generation as their parents, known as the “depression generation,” who had this annoying habit of keeping EVERYTHING. It’s quite possible the book doesn’t exist at all. Considering the lack of storage space in those old houses, I don’t know how they managed.

Anyway, this is the first poem in my first “book.” The book is titled “Inner Inspirations.” There are about 70 poems in it, and as I re-read through them, I can see how my life (and my poetry) matured. The earliest poems are awfully trite and simplistic. No surprise. I was “in love” for the first time, and I was discovering what it meant to live life on my own, away from my parents. Everything was new. This poem, written about a week after Brenda and I started living together (we didn’t get legally married until several years later) was co-written by Brenda to some extent.

My Soul is Your Soul
© W. Scott Grant (with Brenda)
November 27, 1984 3:00 am

My soul is your soul
Our spirits entwined
A melding of being
A sharing of love.

My body’s your body
Two parts of a whole
Visually separate
Together as one.

My heart is your heart
Beating as one
Measuring the rhythm
Of life’s total bond.

My mind is your mind
Sharing our thoughts
A blending of purpose
Thinking as one.

My life is your life
Living as one
A gift to each other
Our treasure of love.


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