The Windows of My Soul: Winds of Fire (#28), Love Returned (#29)

These two poems remind me of how important God was in Brenda’s life. Despite all that happened to her, which we’ll see hints of in some of the forthcoming poetry, her soul remains centered.

And hopeful.


Winds of Fire (#28)
© Brenda

What I know to be God
Is infinitely kind
Just beyond all justice
Above the chains of time.

He holds me forever
In the cradle of His heart
I am blessed eternally
For we will never part.

My joy is mine alone
Through the eyes of all time
My soul flies free on wings of fire
For I am loved by Him

May 10, 1971


#29 is an acrostic form. She didn’t often use poetic gimmicks, but when she did, she did it with impact.

Love Returned (#29)
© Brenda

Leave me free, don’t make me guess
     don’t ask what I cannot answer.
Over the hours of all the years
     somehow I do not know.
Verily I roam. Seeking, asking
     are you mine? I wish
E’er I depart this life, that I
     should find peace within my soul.

Ray of light from Son of God
     may I always be your carrier.
Even though some do not see
     and many more will never hear.
Times of happiness and laughter
     love, clear and pure.
Under laws I cannot understand
     are we one?
Remember the good, tender, and kind
     qualities worth having.
Never forget that we are all His children
     have you taken the responsibility?
Eternity is now, now and forever after
     what have you given?
Drive yourself to serve our God
     for He alone can give His love.

October 13, 1971


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