Two Dates

Today’s poem answers the challenge, “How do I want to be remembered?” It’s a poetic take on “What do you want on your tombstone?”

This was written in 1996 -over 23 years ago. If I were given this same challenge today, I don’t know that the result would be much different.


Two Dates
(Challenge: How do I want to be remembered?)
© W. Scott Grant
May 18, 1996 11:10 pm

Two dates, born and died
A few words to remember
A white granite block of stone
To mark this spot forever

A few dead flowers
And freshly mown grass
Are but a reminder
Of days gone past

Think of times we spent
To our lives’ enrichment
Our memories are all we have
Of our souls’ commitment

But I am not here
Buried in this ground
I am far, far beyond
Where only spirits abound

I am celebrating
With those who have come before
And when it comes your time
I’ll meet you at the door.



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