God’s Poetry, What is a Poet?, and Fickle Muse

Here are some poems I wrote about writing poetry. I hope you enjoy them!


God’s Poetry
© W. Scott Grant
May 4, 2000 11:00 pm

We start with a blank page, filling each space
One letter at a time
(But sometimes we go back to cross a ‘t’ or dot an ‘I’)
Are we just revising history?
We can never truly go back once the ink
Is on the page.
Cross out a word or a line or a memory
And leave a black scar on the tablet.

Oh, we can start anew
Or can we? That sheet – – those moments
That life – is it forever gone (used? wasted?)
If your entire life’s poem had to be written on one page
Would you wad it up and throw it away at the end?
(Dare I say, ‘burn it’?)

I believe God keeps a scrapbook of all the poems

And He reads them
Over and over
Every day.


What is a Poet?
© W. Scott Grant
August 4, 1996 3:00 pm

A writer
Is one who writes
To change the world
A poet
Is one who writes
Because the world


Fickle Muse
© W. Scot Grant
February 22, 1999 8:00 pm

It’s annoying when I want
To sit and write a verse
I can’t find an inspiration
My brain gone blank, or worse

I don’t want to write a poem
Or anything sounding forced
Sometimes words written down
Refused to be coerced

Damn you – you fickle muse!
Spare me just a little time
Help me put together
This stupid little rhyme!




One thought on “God’s Poetry, What is a Poet?, and Fickle Muse

  1. Poems for the poet, how thoughtful! I love the idea of God keeping and re-reading all our poems. #2 hit the bulls-eye, Scott! Dead on. Muses keep their own schedule, that’s for sure. Mine enjoys tapping me on the brain around 4 am–in the dark, I scribble key words that I hope I can decipher later. 🙂

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