Toys, Toys and Widget

In the spring of 1985, Brenda and I took some college classes together. I was majoring in Computer Science and Accounting, and she was majoring in Philosophy. I needed to fill in some elective slots, so we took Political Science, Poetry, and Philosophy of Language together.

I have a bunch of poems that were written for that Poetry class in my book. She has some as well, but we’re several weeks away from getting to hers, since I’m presenting hers in order. (I think I mentioned this previously. If you’re new to my blog, please feel free to browse the prior postings and comment on them should you feel compelled to do so!)

These two poems are related. The first was written for the class in 1985. The second was written during a spring poetry meeting in 1998. I hope you like them!

Toys, Toys
© W. Scott Grant
January 16, 1985 12:20 am

Here is a list
Of toys that don’t exist
It goes as follows:
With my big cubic bollows
And the poor weeping shell
That makes my heart swell
The lazy flat wheel
That is no big deal
The giant popcorn
The cat with a horn
As well as the boodle
The car that can doodle
And has anyone seen
My invisible screen
And I can’t forget
‘Cause the price paid for it
The tiny little house
That’s made for a mouse
This is a list
Of my toys that don’t exist


© W. Scott Grant
May 23, 1998 12:45

I saw this object
I can only describe as a widget
A sticker and a price
They’re actually trying to sell it.

It has no use
No purpose or practicality
No sound or motion
No decorative ability.

Its colors are bland
Nothing to give spirit a lift
I buy it anyway…
It will make the perfect gift!

2 thoughts on “Toys, Toys and Widget

  1. #1 is cute, very Dr Seuss. In a good way, I like Dr Seuss. #2 made me laugh because it’s about a basically useless object that you don’t want, but think (for some reason) would make a perfect gift for someone else. Like a little reindeer that poops brown jelly beans when you press its tail. (Not that I’ve ever purchased such a thing…) 🙂

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