The Windows of My Soul: I Love You (#36), Poetry So Fair (#37), Ageless Am I (#38)

Here are more poems that I might consider “therapy poetry.” Write what you feel. Write what’s in your heart. Let your heart flow through you and express your innermost emotions. When you break down the walls, you can truly be yourself, despite the crap the world throws at you.

These three poems, still in sequence, do just that.

I Love You (#36)
© Brenda

I love you 
     and I love you 
          and if all the world 
               would stop,

I still would 
     forever love you  
          this love will 
               never stop.

November 6, 1971


Poetry So Fair (#37)
© Brenda

Feelings of love
Intense devotion
Set clearly in rhyme
A tumult of emotion.

From heights of elation
To depths of despair
Thinking in cadence
Poetry so fair.

November 6, 1971


Ageless Am I (#38)
© Brenda

I am as old as the stars
As young as tomorrow
Ageless am I.

November 20, 1971

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