Assignment One and Formalities

I mentioned yesterday the college course Brenda and I took in 1985. Here’s a couple poems from that era, including the one written on the first day of class.

Assignment One
© W. Scott Grant
January 7, 1985 1:10 pm

I must write a poem
So here’s what I will do
I’ll take some words and phrases
And write them down for you.

I’ll make a meter
I’ll make a rhyme
I’ll make it sound good
So it will last through time.


© W. Scott Grant
January 14, 1985 1:05 am

I’ll dress up nice
To go to the show
And someone there is
Wearing blue jeans
     “Gosh ~ so formal”

I’m careful how I eat
Not to eat too fast
But when they finish
Before me, they say 
     “Gosh ~ so formal”

I do an assignment
Typed and paginated
With title, class, and name
Then the teacher looks at me 
     “Gosh ~ so formal”

Why am I so formal
What can I do
I don’t want to look bad
But otherwise I’m told 
     “Gosh ~ so formal”

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