The Windows of My Soul: What Can I Say? (#39), Passion (#40), The Other Day (#41)

Here are three little poems written on the same day. The last of these has a subtle twist you don’t expect, speaking to the true depths of love. Consider this when we think about God’s love for us – He loves us enough to allow us the freedom to choose to accept or not accept, and He loves us regardless our choice.


What Can I Say? (#39)
© Brenda

You ask why I love you.
What can I say?
I like the way you smell.
I like the way you taste.

Tomorrow is tomorrow
And today, today.
As long as we have each other
What else is there to say?

November 20, 1971

Passion (#40)
© Brenda

My love is passionate
It burns, and is never tame
I’ll be patient with you
My beautiful one
Until you match me
Flame for flame.

November 20, 1971

The Other Day (#41)
© Brenda

The other day 
     you said,
“Never let me go.”

Please believe me 
     when I say,
“I will ever let you go.”

November 20, 1971

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