The Windows of My Soul: Then Know (#42), Will You Always Be There? (#43)

I have no idea what happened on or about November 20, 1971, but six poems were written that day. Here are the last two:


Then Know (#42)
© Brenda

Always believe
That I love you
Always believe
That I care.
Always believe
I will follow
Whatever the fare.

Then know
That I love you
And know
That I care
And know
I will follow
Where ever you dare.

November 20, 1971


Will You Always Be There? (#43)
© Brenda

What is eternity?
Through which a soul
Must travel.

Through all my travelling
Will you always
Be there?

The one thought that hurts
Is knowing that somewhere
You are there,

And in just one
Very small misstep
I might miss you

Then it would
All be
So pointless.

November 20, 1971

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