Imitation Poems

JustJoan suggested that I’m versatile in my poetry writing. Thanks for the complement! I’m out of practice, but, like riding a bicycle, I’m sure I can get back into the groove.

Anyway, I learned (first and foremost) from Brenda, my first wife. When we took the class in the spring of 1985, my skills were further honed through a variety of exercises, studies, and assignments. Including imitating famous poets from history. Here are four.

The Power
Walt Whitman Imitation
© W. Scott Grant
January 15, 1985 11:45 am

I am he who came to be
I hold the power of God
Rich, famous, worthy of all
I rejoice with kings and queens.

I carry the power in my hands
To save the teeming masses
I bring love, health, and wealth
That fills my soul and overflows.

I love this power, the power of God
It shines with its own light
It sings with its own voice
It is to be seen and heard.

I give this power freely
No greed or personal gain
I have no vice ~ only virtue
My word bears the truth of love.

Can you see it?
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
Will you accept the power of God?


Never Blind
Emily Dickinson imitation
© W. Scott Grant
January 23, 1985

Sight, without seeing
The blind can see.
Like radar ~ detecting
Knowing ~ not seeing
What is there to see.
The blind can see
Without sight.


Flittering Flying Friends
© W. Scott Grant
February 20, 1985 9:15 pm
Gerard Manly Hopkins imitation

Floating, Flitting, Flying through the air
Wings Flapping
This Fact ~

Buffeting, Blustering, Barging through the air
Wings Beating
This Bird ~

Who? Where? What? When? Why?
Wings Whooshing
This Wonder ~

In the Air, in the Air, going with Flair
Wings Alive
This Avian ~

My friend in the skies.


Wander About
© W. Scott Grant
March 30, 1985
Wallace Stevens imitation

Walk to the city
     see the distant skyline
Suburbs with houses 
     winding streets
There’s a corner store 
     Hank’s Drugs and Groceries
Pass the forestover, 
     over the stream
On down the road   
     cars coming and going
Up ahead there 
     more stores, shopping
Stoplights, green and red 
     crossing roads and streets
Closer to the city 
     more and more traffic
Larger buildings, larger cars 
     signs and lights
More and more streets 
     taller and taller buildings
Monuments, museums 
     office blocks over-reaching
Sirens, horns, music 
     coming from everywhere
Then through neighborhoods 
     old houses, old people
People ~ sizes, shapes, colors 
     doing business ~ busy
Step off the curb 
     watching the people
Squeal from behind 
     ~ intense pain ~
People crowding about 
     distant sirens approaching
Last sight, glasses 
     then darkness, over.

One thought on “Imitation Poems

  1. Nicely executed! I think we called these “stylistic impressions” in class. I recall one assignment where we were to take a favorite poem and rewrite it in our own words but maintain the style of the original, and another that asked us to rewrite a favorite by changing the person, verb tense, and/or point of view. Here’s a crazy prompt from an online poetry site: Listen to a poem recited in a different language, one you do not understand, then write a poem that guesses what the author was trying to convey, based on the emotions, pace, tone, etc, of the piece. A poem is so much more than just the sum of its words. 🙂

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