The Windows of My Soul: I Gave My All (#45)

Sorry, I’m not going to post #44, “My Garden of Flowers” (December 11, 1971) as each stanza calls out Brenda’s children by name, and, in my opinion, gives a bit more personal information that I care to share on this public form. If I get permission from all of her kids, I’ll post it, but since none of them are following this blog (I’ll bet none of them are even aware of it!) I don’t see that happening soon.

Continuing on, #45 is moving free-form that reveals her inner anguish as her life and her marriage unfolded around her.

I Gave My All (#45)
© Brenda

One day
There was a man.
He loved me.

I believe
Loves me still.

I asked
Of him
Two things.

I said,
Please don’t
Lie to me.

He did.

One night
He said


He said
He didn’t say

Unless, of course
He intended
Just that

He did.

The very next day
His excuses

I could
Have told him
There was no need.

I truly
Do not

Who does not
Want me.

Even though
I cry.

Everyone thinks
He is
So special.

So did I.

He said
He wanted
To give his all.

To me.

I believed him.
My heart
Does still

In God’s world
There is a place

For me.

I wish
It could be
With him.

I gave
My all,

Love him.

January 1, 1972


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