The Windows of My Soul: The Echoes of Loneliness (#46), My Prayer (#47)

Despite the horrors going on in Brenda’s life during this period, we still see the strength of her faith. It’s like an anchor holding the ship fast in the fiercest storm imaginable.


The Echoes of Loneliness (#46)
© Brenda

I have nothing much
To offer this man 
     Offer this man
Only that
I would love him 
     love him
And loving him
I would care for him 
     care for him
Bear his children
Keep his home 
     his home
And love him
Oh, love him 
     love him
And only ask
That in return 
     in return
He care for me.

January 23, 1972


My Prayer (#47)
© Brenda

Oh dear God above
Held manifest here below
Why do we who love You
Choose to hurt each other so?

Without a backward thought
We go our selfish way
With singular intent
We seek Yourself to sway.

The very hardest words
Any human ever uttered
“Thy will, not mine, be done”
And we say it with a shudder.

Oh my God above
Please shun not my plea
Give me strength and courage
Clear vision to see.

Then, help me, dear God
Accept Thy holy will
Help me to help myself
Remain peaceful and still.

January 21, 1972

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