The Windows of My Soul: The Healer (#50), The Golden Path of Light (#51)

These two poems give us a glimpse into Brenda’s relationship with God and her vision of the afterlife and heaven.


The Healer (#50)
© Brenda
February 22, 1972

Close my eyes in sleep
Deep, peaceful, and revealing
That I may drink a drought
From Your cup of eternal healing.

While my body slumbers
My spirit walks with God
That I may reaffirm
The path my feet have trod.

The pure white light of Being
Cleanses and washes me
And in time to come
Will heal the wounds you cannot see.

That when upon awakening
I find myself made whole
So I may go ever onward
Toward my eternal goal.


The Golden Path of Light (#51)
© Brenda
February 22, 1972

Once upon a time
Not so very long ago
I told our God, “I will”
Through life’s door I had to go.

Sometimes, odd things happen
My door is standing clear
My teacher walks beside me
Step by step, year by year.

If I look back I see
To my wondering sight
A sunlit crystal garden
A path of golden light.

I have never set my feet
Off that shimmering path
Though many times I have wanted
To turn around and just go back.

This is the beginning
The start of a whole new life
I know I am protected
By God’s pouring golden light.

In my heart I hold my trust
It is my treasured right
I am impatient to begin
To share God’s love and light.

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