False Prophet and A Waste of Ink

The comments from last weekend inspired me to post these two little “snarky” gems. I hope you enjoy them!


False Prophet
© W. Scott Grant
February 4, 1996 12:35 pm

Do as I say, not as I do
I’m self-appointed, I’m better than you
Bow at my feet, kiss my ring
Lie down before me, I am your king
I know the secrets, I have the plan
I know what’s best, for woman and man
Send me your money, give me my due
I’ll share my wisdom to a select few
Live as I say, I know what’s right
Heed my command, you’ll see the light
Join me, believe, my vision complete
My True Believers march to my beat
I am a legend, one of a kind
I see it all, in my own mind.

Dedicated to an acquaintance who created a spiritual foundation and sent us a letter asking for donations. I chose to not include his name or the name of the foundation because a quick Google search revealed that they still exist!


A Waste of Ink
© W. Scott Grant
January 26, 1998 8:45 pm

This poem will make you think
But it will not make you do
You’ll nod your head and agree
If it rings a bell in you.

But will you change your ways?
Will you be different from now on?
I highly doubt it, I’m wasting ink.
When you agree, are you putting me on?

So why do I torture myself?
Why do I waste my time?
What worldly benefit is it?
If I agonize over this rhyme?

It’s not for you, my friend.
I don’t expect you to change.
I do this for my sanity,
Even though you think me strange.

3 thoughts on “False Prophet and A Waste of Ink

  1. #1 is for everyone who drinks the kool-aid, no matter what the flavor. And #2 is so true… writers write because they can’t not write. We tell the truth as we see it, that’s all that is required. People can listen or not, take it or leave it, it’s immaterial. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been posting poetry for a month… I have more to go. These are all my old ones (with the occasional exception.) Feel free to browse through everything here! Thanks for visiting!


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