My one and only Halloween poem. Happy Halloween!



© W. Scott Grant
October 30, 1999 2:30 pm

Why do they run when I ask for help?
Please, someone, I want to go home.
My voice is but a hollow whisper
Along dark halls, I silently roam.

As you gather ‘round the dinner table
Holding your hands, heads bowed deep in prayer
I can smell the freshly cooked meal
Oh, I wish I could join you there.

But I’m trapped here at the top of the stairs
Murdered by a man who was twice my size
I cry and moan and rattle my chains
And wish that I would be exorcized.

2 thoughts on “Haunting

  1. I love trying to find unorthodox points of view and telling the story from that perspective. In December, I’ll be posting my Christmas poems, and a couple of them (well, one that I can think of specifically) does this. Thanks!

    (Maybe I should write a Thanksgiving poem from the perspective of the turkey! LOL)


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