The Windows of My Soul: The Road to Peace (#54), Generation Gap (#55)

The Road to Peace (#54)
© Brenda
March 7, 1972

When people stop blaming
All other people
For shortcomings and mistakes

When we all learn to listen
To ourselves within us
To sort the real and the fake

When we learn to accept
Ourselves as we are
Regard each one as God does

Then love can come forward
All men will be brothers
And peace will prevail with trust


Generation Gap (#55)
© Brenda
March 7, 1972

“Do as I say, not as I do”
The guideline has always been
Why explain to an errant child
And to his needs attend?

He must make a choice
And somehow know why
He has made that choice
Despite all his cries.

Will he live by his values
Follow his heart?
Or adjust to society
Act out a part?

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