Imitation Poems

JustJoan suggested that I’m versatile in my poetry writing. Thanks for the complement! I’m out of practice, but, like riding a bicycle, I’m sure I can get back into the groove. Anyway, I learned (first and foremost) from Brenda, my first wife. When we took the class in the spring of 1985, my skills were […]

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Through a Cat’s Eyes – 13.1

Winter Sleeping, Chasers’s Day 15, Year of the Lion number 427; January 12, 1739 Agathon; Linne 182 By taking the main roads, I feel we made good time. It’s hard to gauge, though, since I’ve never been this way before. It doesn’t help that the roads are covered in snow, slowing the horse and wagon. […]

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Here are a pair of “Alphabet Acrostic” poems. Each word in the poem starts with a letter of the alphabet, in order. It’s an interesting challenge, to say the least.   ZZZZZ © W. Scott Grant July 12, 1997 7:30 pm A burning cools – desire – Even for Gina How I just know love […]

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Assignment One and Formalities

I mentioned yesterday the college course Brenda and I took in 1985. Here’s a couple poems from that era, including the one written on the first day of class. Assignment One © W. Scott Grant January 7, 1985 1:10 pm I must write a poem So here’s what I will do I’ll take some words […]

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Toys, Toys and Widget

In the spring of 1985, Brenda and I took some college classes together. I was majoring in Computer Science and Accounting, and she was majoring in Philosophy. I needed to fill in some elective slots, so we took Political Science, Poetry, and Philosophy of Language together. I have a bunch of poems that were written […]

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The Windows of My Soul: I Love You (#36), Poetry So Fair (#37), Ageless Am I (#38)

Here are more poems that I might consider “therapy poetry.” Write what you feel. Write what’s in your heart. Let your heart flow through you and express your innermost emotions. When you break down the walls, you can truly be yourself, despite the crap the world throws at you. These three poems, still in sequence, […]

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