The Windows of My Soul: The Inner Mirror (#56), A Song on the Winds of Time (#57)

These next two are among Brenda’s more powerful poems. #57, A Song on the Winds of Time, is easily in the top 10 of my favorites, but don’t ask me to rank them in order. Several poems written during this part of her life are fabulous, powerful, and… and… I can’t think of the words. You’ll just have to judge for yourself. Retyping these poems brings back memories of our times together, even though they were written many years before we even met.


The Inner Mirror (#56)
© Brenda
March 10, 1972

Because we spend most of our time
Competing with our peers

We live in dark suspicion
Trembling with hidden fears

We have never thought to look
Into our inner mirror.

Why have we not yet learned
To live with ought but tears?


A Song on the Winds of Time (#57)
© Brenda
March 11, 1972 3:00 am

Gently, gently, do the breezes blow
Softly down the years
Whispering of love and life
Sighing with joy and tears.

A moment here, a moment there
Crystals of the fine
Forever hanging in the air
Rapture caught in time.

Silkenly they wrap around
Holding each secure
Swaying to a hidden tide
Cleansing each one pure.

Every life is in the balance
In spite of all our fears
Gently, gently, do the breeze blow
Softly down the years.

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