The Cauldron of Oppression and Politically Challenged

Can you sense the frustration I was feeling when I wrote these? I’m reminded of a line from one of the Star Wars Prequel movies, when Senator Amidala said, “So this is how democracy dies…”


The Cauldron of Oppression
© W. Scott Grant
October 24, 1998 8:30 pm

Out of the cauldron we climbed
Into the fires of revolution
For Freedom we fought and died

Great men and women, indispensable
Left us words, pictures, ideas ~ stone
Their decorated coffins our foundation

A Monument built, a continent free
Intimidating superpower ~ righteous
An example for the world

Yet still we fall, defeated
No force of military might
Invades our beaches, bombs our cities

We have forgotten our responsibility
Making exceptions based on need
What is right when there is no wrong?

By choice, we return to the cauldron
Despite the warnings of our fathers
We boil away in the waters of apathy.


Politically Challenged
© W. Scott Grant
Date unknown, assuming between 1992 and 1996

Equal rights, what a joke
I don’t get any, because I’m a man
Civil rights… should I laugh now?
(Or wait ‘till later) because I’m white.

I was born a citizen. My ancestors were
From Europe, Scotland, England – we conquered
I have a home, I have a job
I pay my taxes, I demand nothing.

Give me my rights, allow me to live my life
In peace, without fear. Isn’t this what we want?
We made this country great by working hard, individually
Not by giving to those who don’t need or desire.

Call me incorrect, unenlightened, or blind
Say I don’t care – I’m politically challenged

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