The Windows of My Soul: The Star of Christmas (#60), The Children of My Mind (#61)

Brenda mentions a rare conjunction as the inspiration for this next poem. I have no idea if this really occurred. Perhaps someone could research and verify it?

I really like #61, below. You could say that me posting her poems here on this blog is homage to that poem.


The Star of Christmas (#60)
© Brenda
March 27, 1972

Once upon a morning time
I saw a star from long ago
Pervading all the present world
Shining with a brilliant glow.

It was early Christmas morning
When I saw the awesome sight
It filled my mind with wonder
My heart with pure delight.

I stood there observing
As many minutes ticked away
Was this the star that blessed His birth?
Blessing me on Christmas day.

A rare conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. Occurring only once every 500 years. I saw it starting at 5:00 am on December 25, 1970.



The Children of My Mind (#61)
© Brenda
April 9, 1972

These are the children of my mind
The thoughts upon these pages
A gift of tongue and wit
Through centuries of sages.

Floating in my afterthought
Ripe through all my ages
Giving form to my ideas
A vent for all my rages.

A symphony of praise
For all that is courageous
In thanksgiving for rare beauty
A hymn to all that’s ageless.

I love the children of my mind
These words creating images
Perhaps in books to come.
They will echo down the ages.

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