Born Rich

Technically, this poem was the first one I ever published. We had joined a poetry club and the state organization was featuring poems from our local group in their quarterly newsletter. We got a phone call asking for a couple short poems –  one from each of us.

I don’t remember the poem Brenda chose. This was the one I picked. I don’t know why I picked it, because I don’t think it’s all that good of a poem. But, hey, it holds a special place in my own history.

Born Rich
© W. Scott Grant
April 15, 1985 1:30 pm

I was born wearing a three-piece suit
With gold chains and diamonds.
Mommy wore an evening gown studded with pearls.
Daddy had his top hat and silk tie.
Mister Doctor Stork dressed in white ~
He delivered me to a waltz.
The nurses twirled about and sang
And laid me in a cradle of cash.

2 thoughts on “Born Rich

  1. I like this one, it’s imaginative and fun. Having worked in OB for a third of my nursing career, it makes me laugh to think of a woman delivering a baby in an evening gown and pearls, as if even giving birth is clean and easy if you have enough money. NOT! 🙂


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