The Windows of My Soul: Through Friendship’s Tie (#63)

Of all the poetry Brenda wrote, this is the one she recited more than any other. It’s definitely in my top ten favorites, and in this poem, she reveals the heart and soul of her inspiration.

Through Friendship’s Tie (#63)
© Brenda
April 12, 1972

When you become my friend
Don’t let a day go by
But ask of me what I have written
Through this friendship’s tie.

I feed on every people
Your thoughts become my friends
So don’t be too surprised to find them
Coming from my pens.

From every encounter
That speaks of deeper thought
Of love, or prayer, or silverdust
A poem my mind has wrought.


I can just imagine Brenda, sitting at her desk in Heaven with a pen in hand, still writing poetry. If not writing poetry, she’d be knitting a sweater, blanket, or scarf for some new friend she’s made.

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