Toppings, Don’t Park Under a Tree, and Mom’s Sacrifice

After what I posted yesterday, assuming I haven’t been banned from the Internet, I’ll continue posting poetry. Today, something light and fun. It’s Monday, right?


(What do you put on your ice cream?)
© W. Scott Grant
April 14, 1985 4:55 pm

Be it nuts or shells
or red pepper bells
or chocolate fudge
You be the judge
I like caramel on
except when its gone
perhaps some ketchup
I’ll take a cup
Try garlic spicing
or cake and icing
spill on an egg
or maybe fried frog leg
You can try escargot
To your mouth it will go
You can try fruit
And fix it pretty and cute
But whatever you do
Please fix me some too!


Don’t Park Under a Tree
© W. Scott Grant
October 27, 1998 8:15 pm

As I wash away white splotches
Revealing the shiny paint
I think of Life’s Meaning while
Gas fumes make me feel faint.

How much time we spend
Fixing the problems we cause
The gravity of it all
Makes my mind pause.

How simple a solution!
Here’s some advice for free
Avoid your problems – Just
Don’t park under a tree!


Mom’s Sacrifice
© W. Scott Grant
October 30, 1999 11:00 pm

She had to walk to school
Five miles
Up hill
Both ways
In the snow
And that was summer school!

Oh, the sacrifices you made
To make this a better place
Sometimes I wonder
Just what you’re trying to tell me

What am I supposed to feel?
Is it wrong
That I got to ride the school bus?

Now what do I say to my kids
To impress upon them of my sacrifice?
Are we really better off?
Or is the world Just the Same?

I had to stand outside waiting
For the bus
Blazing sun
Always late
With all my books
And the bus had no air-conditioning


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