The Windows of My Soul: The Musician (#64), By Him Above (#65)

I don’t understand how she found words and phrases that so eloquently expressed her thoughts: “With walls whisper thick.” What do these four simple words say to you? To me, I have an image of a wispy, translucent barrier that is as strong as God’s will. The rays of the sun pass through unhindered, but evil doesn’t even dare approach.


The Musician (#64)
© Brenda
April 12, 1972

When I meet that musician
With music in his soul
With magic in his hands
And the love to make me whole.

I’ll sit in wonder at his feet
Enchanted by his charm, I’ll be
Wrapped round where love abounds
Be protected from all harm.

Then I myself within myself
Will surely know to learn
That truth is truth, nothing less
And my soul to his will yearn.


By Him Above (#65)
© Brenda
April 18, 1972

Have I revealed too much?
Must I renounce my claim?
To love and be love by Him above
Passion dulled to gentle flame.

May I continue this love affair?
Basking forever in Your sun
Soaking up the golden rays
Like a child having fun.

May I whistle through the thistledown
And slide upon my dream?
To touch each person in the world
And say ~ May I tell you how it seems?

How It Seems

It’s like clouds of softsweet eiderdown
Strung from pole to pole
Draped around my being
Cushioning every blow.

It’s love two thousand layers deep
Built slowly brick by brick
Buffeting all evil winds
With walls whisper thick.

It’s knowing God is everywhere
At home within my soul
So I will know the truth of love
And reach for room to grow.

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