Trouble on Stonecrystal Island

Friday Fun!!!!

As promised, here is the second epic ballad written back in 2010 telling the story of three brave adventurers.


Trouble on Stonecrystal Island #1

It has been many months since Darkenmore
When our heroes were called upon by the King
But now Jansan, Korbo and Darri
Have been called to do another thing

Go to the island of Stonecrystal, they were told
And find the temple of a laboring god
Underneath there is a locked crypt door
Through which noises are heard quite odd

On a great ship they chartered their passage
And set sail with the breaking dawn
The wind carried them swiftly on their way
And all sight of the land behind was gone

A call came from the crows nest up above
Another ship is closing from the west
“Gather your arms,” the captain called out
“If it’s a pirate, we must be at our best!”

Sure enough, the pirate showed their colors
A black flag with a sabre piercing a heart
The schooner closed the distance quickly
The name on the bow read, “Mithril Dart”

When in range, the pirates fired the first shot
Great ballistae sent flaming missiles across
Three men died instantly, impaled straight through
Others scrambled to make up for the loss

Jansan drew his sword, waiting for his chance
Korbo climbed the rigging up into the sails
Darri cast spell after spell at the pirates
As the flaming bolts streaked leaving smoky trails

But how will this battle on the sea end?
I’m sure you really want to know
Keep watch for the next installment
To see how this battle will go

Trouble on Stonecrystal Island #2

When last we saw our three brave heroes,
Things were beginning to look quite dire
On the voyage to Stonecrystal Island
They became the object of a pirate’s desire

The “Mithril Dart” of Sabreheart’s fleet came close
The hulls crashed together, splintering wood
Swordsmen leaped over from the other ship
The merchants fought back as best they could

But the good guys had an ace in the hole
Their passengers were up to the fight
Jansan’s sword slashed through pirate flesh
And cleared a swath in the waning light

Korbo anchored himself high on the mainmast
And rained arrows down from his bow
Darri’s spells proved quite effective
Blasting foe after foe after foe

The pirate captain quickly realized
His raid had quickly come to a defeat
He called his troops back to his own ship
Turning westward and sailing in retreat

The merchant galleon was too damaged to give chase
The fires were still burning, and the sails were torn
They gave the dead over to the circling sharks
But they’d be adrift all night until morn

When the sun rose they assessed the damage
And began the repairs right away
They lost a third of their crew in the fight
They were sitting ducks for at least a day

Will Jansan, Korbo, and Darri make it to the island?
Or will another pirate seek some easy plunder?
Soon you will know, but not soon enough
For in the distance, I think I hear thunder…

Trouble on Stonecrystal Island #3

We saw the victory over the pirate ship
But the sustained damage was great
Listing, drifting, and riding the current
The crew seemed resigned to their fate

But after a night’s rest, Darri strength restored
Mending spells on the sails she cast
And healing spells on the wounded crew
Back on course and only a few hours had passed

Two days later the lookout cried out again
“Land ho!” he shouted, pointing to the east
They anchored and took the longboat to shore
To find a tavern where they could feast

The next morning our heroes went their own way
Up into the hot midsummer dunes on the island
They sought the temple of the laboring god
Amid the dry sun, the cactus, and the sand

A wisp of smoke rose upward like a beacon
From a fire stoked in a blacksmith’s shop
Jansan, Korbo and Darri walked towards this
Until they saw it on a distant hilltop

Davinik’s temple is a peaceful place
As men and women labored together each day
“Take pride in your work and give it your best
And great rewards will come your way.”

The abbot came out and greeted them warmly
A kind and gentle grey-haired old man
“We are but a simple folk,” he explained
“There are no brave adventurers in our clan.”

He explained the history of the place
And how they came to live on this barren ground
They’d been in this building for many years
But the keys to the crypt have never been found

Now you’re waiting and wondering
What’s beyond this door locked so long ago?
You’ll only need to wait another day
Perhaps then, you, too, will know.

Trouble on Stonecrystal Island #4

Down the stone stairs the trio crept
A single torch casting flickered light
The abbot waited for them up above
Praying to his god this fateful night

The lock was forged from meteoric iron
Requiring magic of greater power
Darri knew she was up to the task
Though afterwards, she’d need to rest an hour

The sounds they could hear from beyond
Were distant and could barely be heard
The lock clicked easily under her spell
When Darri spoke the ancient word

Prepared for the worst, they pushed the door wide
Small, furry creatures scampered about their shoes
“Rats!” Korbo cried as he fired his bow
The arrow skewered one, its blood began to ooze

“Not normal rats,” Jansan said, looking down the stairs
Coming up from below came a giant one
With fiery red eyes and huge gnashing fangs
A quick spell from Darri, and its life was done

Slowly they descended these steps
Dispatching the squealing rodents along the way
Down about thirty or forty feet, maybe more
They figured they hadn’t yet earned their pay

At the bottom of the steps and after a short hall
The passage opened into a small storage room
Boxes, crates, barrels and a couple chests
And a dozen more rats amid the gloom

On the far side of the room they could see
Another heavy iron-bound door and a lock
But no further shall we go today
Once more we must wait for the turn of the clock.

Trouble on Stonecrystal Island #5

They found an old storage room of sorts
With supplies long ago consumed or decayed
Rats scurried around the edges of their light
But this wasn’t the reason they were being paid

The door beyond led to mysteries, sure
Perhaps treasures from a long ago year
Jansan, Korbo, and Darri were very cautious
None willing to express their own fear

Korbo listened at the heavy wooden door
And heard a creaking noise on the other side
Weapons drawn, spells prepared, he lifted the latch
And revealed what the darkness had to hide

Three skeletons crowded the doorway
Each with an old broken shield and a rusted blade
They attacked our heroes with mindless abandon
Jansan easily smashed through the bleached parade

More skeletons creaked down the corridor
Animated by a force unseen and unknown
Clashes and crashes echoed through the tunnel
Soon the floor was littered with splintered bone

Though it really made no difference
They had to choose to go either left or right
In alcoves in they found old coffins
Most lids were broken off, others still sealed tight

Hacking through more skeletons warriors
It wasn’t a concern for our intrepid crew
They destroyed more than they could number
Since they lost count after twenty-two

Following twists and turns along the passage
They saw a faint light gleaming up ahead
Light streamed through a set of doors
Suggesting that not everything here was dead

But what could be beyond those doors?
Once again, you must wait to find out
Another installment of this story will come
Some time tomorrow, there is no doubt.

Trouble on Stonecrystal Island #6

Last time we saw many skeletons destroyed
Animated by a magical force unknown
Jansan, Korbo, and Darri fought their way
Through narrow corridors made of stone

Up ahead they saw a hint of gleaming light
As it streamed through a set of doors
They crept up as quietly as they could
Past crates, barrels, sacks, and other stores

Korbo listened carefully, his ear against the wood
But not a sound could be heard at all
He checked the lock, the handle turned
And pulled the door open into the hall

A vast chamber came into their view
Resembling the sanctuary of a temple
But a curtain was drawn across the middle
If only adventures could be so simple

Two open coffins were arranged in there
One on the left and one on the right
Lit torches lined the walls on either side
Columns cast crisscrossed shadows in the light

On a table nearby heaped piles of treasure
Bright jewelry, sparkling gems, and coins of gold
Trinkets and icons, all forged, cast, or carved
Artifacts lost and forgotten in this buried hold

Korbo picked up an amulet for a closer look
Against Darri’s warning to leave it be
A voice from behind the curtain wall
Hissed, “Who dare disturb my treasury?”

Korbo returned the item and bent his bow
An arrow notched and ready to fly
The voice continued, its source unseen,
“Pray now to your gods and prepare to die!”

Is the end of the tale coming too soon?
Or will our heroes overcome this threat?
Tune in tomorrow, my good friends
For the stage of a great battle is set!

Trouble on Stonecrystal Island #7

They were in a large, eerily lit chamber
Weapons drawn and ready for a fight
Their foe was hiding behind a curtain
Shouting out hissed warnings in the night

But were Jansan, Korbo, and Darri afraid?
If they were, they’d never, ever tell
“Come out from behind the curtain,” Jansan called
“And bring your minions along as well.”

“Your skeletons were no match for us,”
Korbo said. “Your rats are all dead, too.”
“Considering you’ve been locked in here so long,”
“We’re not threatened by the likes of you.”

“So be it,” hissed the voice from the other side
They watched as the curtain drew apart
Two ghastly figures step through the fabric
But neither had blood nor a beating heart

Possessed skeletons, liches they were called
A great wizard’s mind in the body of the dead
A horrible distortion of immortality
Nothing good about this has ever been said

The one in the red robe raised its jeweled staff
And spoke vile words of an ancient tongue
A wave of force hit the three adventurers
Against the wall their bodies were flung

The other summoned fire, a blast blazing hot
Fired from its bleached-white fingertips
Darri recovered just fast enough
Words of protection coming from her lips

Korbo’s arrows dropped out of the air
Just a few inches short of their target
Jansan struggled to his feet to charge
But he couldn’t break through a magical net

Today’s installment stops right here
I know you’re on the edge of your seat
Tomorrow we’ll be able to see
If our heroes will overcome certain defeat

Trouble on Stonecrystal Island #8

Just yesterday our three brave heroes
Were attacked by liches both evil and vile
Their futures were most uncertain
Will they survive this mortal trial?

Darri called out to her companions
“We must work together as a team
Otherwise we will most certainly die”
Korbo agreed, “So it would seem!”

“Don’t target them directly,” Darri said
“Self-preservation is their primary goal.”
Korbo lit an arrow using a nearby torch
And shot it toward a curtain roll

The flame quickly caught in the old cloth
Soon the curtain blazed from wall to wall
This gave Jansan the edge he needed
When the magical net began to fall

He bounded over the scattered debris
His enchanted sword flashing a wide arc
The blade connected with the green-robed lich
And released its spirit to someplace dark

The red-robed lich wasn’t so happy
To see its companion so easily killed
It blasted Jansan with a deadly spell
In hopes his blood would also be spilled

But its power was weakened by Darri’s plan
And Jansan was only knocked out cold
Darri’s next spell put an end to the lich
As she cursed Jansan for being too bold

By his side, she quickly healed his wounds
And smiled when he finally opened his eyes
“I’m pretty hard to kill,” he softly whispered
“No matter how hard the enemy tries.”

“Oh you silly oaf,” Darri laughed as she stood up
“We’d better go and help our little friend
He can’t carry all this treasure himself!”
Which brings this adventure to its end.

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