Psychic Adultery

The other day I shared Inner Turmoil Inner Turmoil – Scott’s Poetry – 11/12/17. This poem is a sort of extension of that one. One thing I must say: this is not a true story! I made this up for the purpose of the poem and its implied message. After writing it and sharing it, I got some strange looks and worrisome comments from the others in the poetry group.


Psychic Adultery
© W. Scott Grant
July 19, 1994 8:45 pm

In a crowded restaurant
I see you across the dining room 
     Eye contact
As the waitress takes the order.

I cannot look away
You are the object of my desire 
     I smile
Your sparkling eyes draw mine.

My mind calls out to you
You know my desperate need 
Your body close to mine.

Our limbs entangled
Our flesh becoming one 
     Lust fulfilled
Gasping in climax, again and again.

My trance is broken
Our link is severed 
Your face, your body, your desire.

One last lingering look
Longing for each other 
As we leave the restaurant.

You, with your husband
Me, with my wife 
As the memory slowly fades.

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