The Windows of My Soul: Listen (#75)

Today we get Brenda’s true claim to fame: Listen, written in September, 1972, was given to Carey Landry and made into a song that appears on the Hi God! album, published in 1973: It was translated into many languages and, I’m told, reprinted in various songbooks. Here is the original poem. For the song, minor modifications were made to fit with the meter. I like the original better, but you might say I’m a bit biased.

The cover art of the album was a photograph taken at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and two of the children in the picture are Brenda’s.

Most of the song can be heard here: Listen, Listen


Listen (#75)
© Brenda
September 21, 1972

Listen, listen, everyone
God is everywhere
He is here for you
He is here for me,
Listen, can’t you hear?

Listen to the wellspring
Of deepest love and joy
That flows from here
Within my soul,
Listen, can’t you hear?

Hush! Be still! Be silent!
And you’ll hear the whispered roar
And if you cannot hear
I’ll tell you
Once more.

Listen, oh my people
All you children of the world
Listen to our God
As He whispers in your ear.
Listen! Can’t you hear?


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