The End is Near

I wrote a novel. Well, most of a novel. A long time ago. It seemed like a great idea at the time, and I certainly learned a lot about the process. However, the novel sucked. It was an epic tale where twins reunited to defeat an evil man bent on ruling the land. Sound familiar? Yeah. It was full of common tropes and logical defects. On the other hand, there were some really good parts.

Don’t expect me to dig up the old manuscript, retype it, and share it. Ain’t gonna happen. I have no passion for the story. My passions are elsewhere (like working on Through A Cat’s Eyes – The Story of Kabize Vipertree!)

Anyway, I wrote these song lyrics for the novel. Considering my inexperience at the time, this isn’t too bad. No music was ever written for it; I don’t have a talent for that. As for how good this really is, I’ll let you be the judge.

The End is Near
Ballad for King’s Court
© W. Scott Grant
Undated – between 1987 and 1992

Crowds of people are in fear
Skies darken through the days
The time has come ~ the end is near
The Evil One is here to stay.

He lives and walks among you
Hiding in your shadows
Traveling in the wind and dust
Through forests and meadows.

Fires burn upon the water
Ships crash upon the shore
This is the wrath of the Father
His brightness shines no more.

He will cast his wicked spell
Death will be your Master
He will send your soul to Hell
Your ultimate disaster

Your soul will burn this night
As his power grows ever strong
His web will hold you tight
As he sings is siren song.

Musical interlude

The Mother cries, the Child cries
Your souls are now forsaken
He feeds well upon your lives
With the powers that you gave him.



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