The Windows of My Soul: To My (ex) Husband (#80)

When this poem was written, she was still married to her first husband. She added the “ex” much later, as they didn’t get divorced until 1975. I don’t know when she learned that he’d been molesting their daughter, but based on the poems written during this time (mid-to-late October, 1972), I’m thinking it was during this time.

Remember the context of the time period. Many people, including their parents, still held the perspectives left over from the 50s, where the father was always right and could do no wrong. Her ex was a professional, following in his father’s business, and no one in the community would believe that he’d do the things he was accused.

Her own parents were like, “you made your bed, you must lie in it.” His parents tried to bribe her to shut up about it. While unproven, it’s possible they did bribe some public officials in their behalf. He accused her of being a witch, claimed that she was in the next room “taking notes” while he raped their daughter, and blamed her for all of it. He was the victim.

What’s worse, at the time, the only woman’s shelter was one of his clients. She felt she had no place to go. We’ll see this unfold through her poetry.



To My (ex) Husband (#80)
© Brenda
October 20, 1972

Do not you realize
Oh little mortal man
That God has observed
Your movements in this land?

Every demi-god has reasons
(Self-righteous excuses)
To control the lives
Of other mortal men.

Are you prepared
Oh god-playing man
For the responsibility
Of a monster in this land?

Beware, little man
Your life is sand.

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