The Windows of My Soul: When the Bell Tolls (#81)

I think this poems speaks for itself. For context, go back and read yesterday’s entry. (#80)


When the Bell Tolls (#81)
© Brenda
October 20, 1972

Would you truly give away 
     the lifetime 
     of your soul
To steal a passing pleasure 
     playing God
Until the bell begins to toll?

Pealing through the soundless world 
     where only 
     you can hear
Juke up your soul (you cannot flee) 
     this is 
Your tolling year.

Fly you to the place of judgment 
     and find ~ 
     not a vengeful God
But yourself set upon yourself 
     what shock!
It’s you who must apply the rod.

Did you never wonder 
     at the ease 
     and ready hand
With which you used that same rod 
     on your children
And your wife, with heavy hand?



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